Dried Flower Options

Dried flowers have a beauty all their own, even if you dried them upside down in a closet! I enjoy highlighting the rich colors and great textures of different dried flowers and greenery but most of all giving a beautiful new life to those flowers you have been saving for so long.

We can do many different things with your already dried flowers. You can choose from shadowbox frames or resin wares designs, We would not be able to press the flowers are this point.

I am glad to make arrangements to meet up with you if you are local to the Dallas, Tx area. Otherwise it is easy to mail your flowers to me and I will provide shipping instructions to you. There are purchase options below but feel free to fill out the form below if you would like more information or to discuss other options!


One of our most popular picks are coasters, great useful way to display your flowers. These are thicker than my regular coasters, running about 1/2 inch-3/4 inch. I try to keep them as low profile as possible. They are even better in some ways with a side view of all of the flowers and a nice display when stacked together.

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Add a little glimmer with gold, silver or copper leafing.

Cake Plate

Another great way to display your flowers would be in a cake plate. We have a 9” and 10” platter size. These will also be thicker than the regular cake plate,