Kelsey Glass



I have been creating and crafting for as long as I can remember, experimenting with every art form that interests me. Making things from the purest form possible is one of my favorite things; cooking from scratch, turning sheep wool to yarn then weaving it, using natural dyes to color. I have a wide range of acquired skills… and a certain number of extra supplies that seems to go along with each new hobby… and still hope to learn even more.

I enjoy being able to preserve the fleeting beauty of a flower. I have been pressing flowers for 4 years now. I originally created herbarium art to showcase my pressed botanicals using vintage and floating frames. I soon branched into making jewelry, cards and now home décor items with another medium, resin. I press all of my own flowers and leaves using traditional pressing techniques and teach a number of workshops in the DFW area.

As I take a step into my 5th year as owner and creator of Glasshouse Collections I feel more inspiration and possibility then ever before. Having this creative business has been such a rewarding experience and allowed me to meeting amazing people and fellow crafters/entrepreneur

I hope to inspire others to stop and smell the roses more... truly. It is easy to get lost in all the man made creations around us it is so important to stop and appreciate all the natural beauty. 



Articles and places we have been published 

2018 Autumn Issue of Somerset Home Magazine

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