I know you already have a lot going on with planning a wedding! I want to make this as easy as possible for you. I will outline all the step

Step 1:

If you know you are wanting to have your flowers preserved by Glasshouse, all we will need to secure your place in the calendar is a $50 deposit. This deposit will apply towards your final balance and is non-refundable. You can pay this through the link below. Through the deposit link you can provide information about your wedding date or event. We will very quickly follow up to confirm your information. We can take this time to talk about design options, provide shipping or meeting information, and answer any additional questions

Bouquet Preservation Deposit
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Step 2:

Once the event has occurred, place the flowers in cold water as soon as you can remember. This will give them a boost of life and keep them fresh.

  • If you or a loved one is meeting with me to drop off the flowers: I am local to Wylie, TX but will meet anywhere in the DFW area. I will provide my phone number as contact for the meeting person and a meeting place best suited for your location.

  • If you will need to mail the flowers: I will provide shipping instruction on how to get your flowers safely to me after the event. If you are going to be leaving quickly after the event, feel free to give this task to a trusted loved one or event planner. Pass along my instructions and we will take it from there! The cost of shipping can vary but tends to run about $60-$70.

Step 3:

This is where I take over! Once I receive your flowers I will process them according to your design instructions and whether you want 3D, pressing or both. The drying process can take about 3-4 weeks. When the flowers are dried I will reach out for any additional details needed to complete your piece(s).

Step 4:

Once I start on your project it can take 2-3 additional weeks for completion, depending on the items being requested and time of year. After the piece has been completed I will take photos of the finished piece and send them your way for approval!

Step 5:

YAY!! You love your final design :) I can’t wait to get it to you! Depending on your location, we can make arrangements to meet or I will get it wrapped up tight to send in the mail to you.

Final payment can be made in the form of Venmo, Apple Pay or I will send a paypal invoice for the final amount and shipping if applicable, Payment is due within 7 days of request.