Resin Experiment

Hello Hello! 

Wanted to share my recent resin work. Some of my paper flower pieces are made using a black or navy paper. Although only certain flowers and leaves will stand out against the paper, the ones that work are a beautiful contrast with the paper. So I decided I wanted to also try and incorporate that effect with my resin. 




So I made a few resin pieces with that idea in mind. Trying to see what will stand out against the darker color. This bright green moss was perfect! I also used some blue hydrangeas and apple blossoms 


We had to layer in the parts so that the flowers wouldn't get lost in the black resin. I had never worked with coloring resin before and looking into the process and what you can use to add pigment.  



I was a little worried because I didn't fully encase the flowers and moss in a clear coat. But I didn't want to pour another layer so onward we went. 

After pouring and sleeping on it, I woke up to some beautiful pieces! 


Still have a lot of buffing and sanding to finish these up but I will be trying this method again!

Prime Time

Been getting ready for all the upcoming shows and restocking after my last show. Busy busy busy! Wanted to share some new resin pieces that I'm working on.  

Here are all the molds filled and waiting for curing. This is such a hard thing to do.. wait!!! So often I will peek early. Most important of the time they will recover from any damage I caused. 

Here are all the molds filled and waiting for curing. This is such a hard thing to do.. wait!!! So often I will peek early. Most important of the time they will recover from any damage I caused. 

It can be so rewarding to see the final reveal. Looking at how the flowers layered in and if it looks like I want.  


You can see the pieces out of their molds. Some come out clear and much finished others need to be buffed and finished so they can have that beautiful clear coat.   




I love this beautiful poppy flower accented with pink. Divine! 


These shot glasses are an example of ones that cure clear and already finished. Just some minor clean up and sanding. Love these beautiful rich colors! 


I will be experimenting with black pigment soon! Can wait to see the results and hope it turns out as planned. We are also working on a little side publicity project, we will let you know when and where to see it when it's ready.  :) Almost Friday! 


I know this is a boring post, but tonight I am resting. It is easy to get swept away in your small business and thinking of ideas and executing them, perfecting and then dealing with photography and listing. I have seemed to make it my normal to come home and 'work' till it's time for bed. I dont even seem to sit down till 10 pm. But when you have a passion that drive comes easy and finding the right place for it is what can become a challenge. 


I have been thinking a lot recently about balancing different parts of life. How do you do this? For me, it is most difficult to put the same amount of effort and care into every part of my life. I'm on pilot mode and really have to focus on each interaction and each emotional connection to make sure that I am tending to it properly so it will continue to be healthy and grow positively. Truly easier said then done, But each week I find a new way to make something smoother or to bring attention to something I have neglected and just try to be as aware as I can while still keeping everything above water. 


Eventually I hope to perfect the art of balance and make everyone happy but until then... tonight... I am resting. I hope you make sure to make time to rest or meditate because self care is very important to you and to keep all those relationships around you healthy and happy! 

Resin Stuggles


Now that the site is live... I might enjoy blogging about everything too much. I find myself talk a lot about my business throughout the day so I figure I would share with the people that actually came to find out. With a big 3 day show coming up and a new line of resin products to introduce/produce we are very busy.

Resin is the newest medium I have started to work with and we have a love hate relationship. Epoxy resin mixing and casting require the utmost correct rule following... and sometimes I might struggle with that a bit. However, I have been taught my lesson and I follow the damn rules. My next challenge, after mastering correct curing, has been buffing shiny some of the pieces that don't come out of their molds perfect. This is still a battle but I think I have found my happy place. I am really excited to introduce the new line as well as perfect my herbarium style work. 

Newest pieces just out of the molds! 


After they are buffed the flowers can be seen very clearly. This piece makes me think of a beautiful woodlands... with Poppy flowers :)


New Site

Thank you all for coming by and checking out the new and improved site! I wanted to be able to share a lot more information about Glasshouse Collections and what we do and where you can find us! We are going to be teaching a lot of fun classes this year and, as usual, attending many fun events which have become a highlight for me.  I also want to share more about the behind the scenes of a small business and the trials, tribulations and successes. So please check back with us and see what is new and what is a challenge this week.