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We love to preserve YOUR flowers

Flowers are often a gift or representation of a special moment or time and weddings are one of our most exciting moments with flowers involved. I love to preserve or press wedding bouquets and make them into a memorable piece of art for your home. We can also create jewelry pieces or resin wares like spoons and trays for your home. Although weddings are a common floral event, we can press flowers from any event that you would like to commemorate and preserve the memory of, details below will give you some ideas of what you can do with your flowers and just fill out the form below with your details and we will get this organized!

What can we do with your flowers?

I am a multifaceted artist and can make about anything you can dream up using your flowers.


I am always collecting beautiful vintage frames and enjoy using them especially for my custom pieces. We can create designs with your flowers using high grade paper, dark paper colors are fun to use with wedding pieces as the white flowers will pop out against the background. An alternate option would be to use a floating frame, this will allow the flowers to float in between two pieces of glass. Both designs can be created in a vintage frame or a newer style wood or modern frame and can include other parts of your special event such as ribbons or invitations. 



Put your pressed wedding flowers in glass locket necklaces. This is so great for yourself and also as a gift for loved ones involved in the event. Lots of different sizes and styles available to suit your taste. Personalize with glass etching that I will do, include the date or your new married name. 



 I started my work in framing and paper but I have also ventured out into using resin as a medium. This really does allow us to make anything from spoons to cake trays, clocks, coasters... and more. Some ideas in the photos of products we offer and can make using your flowers. Personalize by adding your new name or wedding date with copper wire writing.

How Do I Get the Flowers to You?

If you are local to Dallas, TX area, I am happy to make arrangements to get flowers from your or a family member after the event. If  not, no worries! You can easily mail them to me, you will want to mail them next day and right after the event. Best to package tight where there is not a lot of room for the flowers to move around but also the flowers are free from being pushed up against anything. I can advise you specifically depending on your bouquet style or flowers that you have. I have had flowers sent to me and received within the week and still perfectly ready for pressing. I have also had flowers given to me 2 weeks after the event. So never fear, we can get it done! Just reach out with your name, contact and details and I will be in contact shortly.

Thank you for your inquiries! I look forward to helping preserve your special memory. 


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