Resin Experiment

Hello Hello! 

Wanted to share my recent resin work. Some of my paper flower pieces are made using a black or navy paper. Although only certain flowers and leaves will stand out against the paper, the ones that work are a beautiful contrast with the paper. So I decided I wanted to also try and incorporate that effect with my resin. 




So I made a few resin pieces with that idea in mind. Trying to see what will stand out against the darker color. This bright green moss was perfect! I also used some blue hydrangeas and apple blossoms 


We had to layer in the parts so that the flowers wouldn't get lost in the black resin. I had never worked with coloring resin before and looking into the process and what you can use to add pigment.  



I was a little worried because I didn't fully encase the flowers and moss in a clear coat. But I didn't want to pour another layer so onward we went. 

After pouring and sleeping on it, I woke up to some beautiful pieces! 


Still have a lot of buffing and sanding to finish these up but I will be trying this method again!