Resin Stuggles


Now that the site is live... I might enjoy blogging about everything too much. I find myself talk a lot about my business throughout the day so I figure I would share with the people that actually came to find out. With a big 3 day show coming up and a new line of resin products to introduce/produce we are very busy.

Resin is the newest medium I have started to work with and we have a love hate relationship. Epoxy resin mixing and casting require the utmost correct rule following... and sometimes I might struggle with that a bit. However, I have been taught my lesson and I follow the damn rules. My next challenge, after mastering correct curing, has been buffing shiny some of the pieces that don't come out of their molds perfect. This is still a battle but I think I have found my happy place. I am really excited to introduce the new line as well as perfect my herbarium style work. 

Newest pieces just out of the molds! 


After they are buffed the flowers can be seen very clearly. This piece makes me think of a beautiful woodlands... with Poppy flowers :)