I know this is a boring post, but tonight I am resting. It is easy to get swept away in your small business and thinking of ideas and executing them, perfecting and then dealing with photography and listing. I have seemed to make it my normal to come home and 'work' till it's time for bed. I dont even seem to sit down till 10 pm. But when you have a passion that drive comes easy and finding the right place for it is what can become a challenge. 


I have been thinking a lot recently about balancing different parts of life. How do you do this? For me, it is most difficult to put the same amount of effort and care into every part of my life. I'm on pilot mode and really have to focus on each interaction and each emotional connection to make sure that I am tending to it properly so it will continue to be healthy and grow positively. Truly easier said then done, But each week I find a new way to make something smoother or to bring attention to something I have neglected and just try to be as aware as I can while still keeping everything above water. 


Eventually I hope to perfect the art of balance and make everyone happy but until then... tonight... I am resting. I hope you make sure to make time to rest or meditate because self care is very important to you and to keep all those relationships around you healthy and happy!